Kitchen Demo, Continued

Spent a bit more time clearing out the kitchen. It’s been slow with the ceiling, as there’s this god-awful wire mesh covering everything. There’s a lot more pounding/smashing to get the plaster off, then a slow pulling and prying with the crowbar to deal with the mesh.

Thankfully, the wire mesh is almost all gone now. The side of the kitchen has been removed of all mesh, plaster, and wooden lathes. The ceiling is all clear save one strip of wire mesh, containing the overhead light. I just now have one half of the back wall to demo (plus a decent amount of clean-up to do), and all the demo in the kitchen should be completed.

Next up – we’re pulling up the floor, and laying down some plywood. We want to get all this done so that we can finish having any debris fall down to the basement. Once the new plywood is down on the kitchen, we can really begin to finish out the back of the basement (and get the injector pump in, which will then allow us to clean the basement 100%).

Working with Justin in the Kitchen

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