Spring is Here

I took this photo near dusk, but it felt like a nice glimpse into the weather we had today. It was close to 70 out, and Liz and I were visiting Bob and Julie in Frankfort for Easter Sunday.

Bob and I had coffee and drinks out on the front porch, sitting on the swing and just enjoying the weather. He mentioned how it’s felt like ages since we had a warm day, and how this cold season has seemingly been with us for the past 7 months.

We had a great lunch, and spent the rest of our day hanging out and chatting around the kitchen table. A slow and laid back Sunday.

I glimpsed the blooming Magnolia tree as we were making our way to the car, and making our way back to the city. Things are slowly waking up.

Tree in Bloom, Logan Square
Signs of Spring, 2005
Signs of Spring, 2004

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