Kitchen Ceiling Demo Continues: Now With More Sawdust

Spent last night back in the kitchen after work, clearing up the ceiling a bit more. There are a few spots that still have plaster, and a few large boards that needed to get pulled down.

Why clean, when pushing everything in to small piles works just as well?

In a few spots, there are planks of wood which look like tongue and groove floorboards. They’re not really set into the ceiling, as much as they are kind of laid across side by side. The wood is easy to remove, but it’s the massive amount of debris and sawdust that’s sitting on top that’s the big pain in the butt:

A view of our sink, the last thing really remaining in the kitchen. Pretty soon we’ll be ripping this guy out as well.

Put in a decent amount of time last night, but it was hard to get changed into my work clothes after work. I’m not sure how Bob does it, or where he finds his energy. He comes to our house after a full day, and my full days only involve sitting in front of a keyboard.

Tonight felt like that “wall” people talk about, where runners hit a point where they can’t seem to move any more. But if you push past that sensation, runners say that you can continue running much longer, much further. I have a similar block whenever I get back home, and it’s hard to shift gets… pick up a crowbar, and go to work again for a little while.

It’s really not that bad, once I get going. It’s just overcoming the gravitational pull of the couch, on walking in the front door. I wonder if getting coffee beforehand would help, or if I should just try to change immediately when I get home – and avoid giving myself any temptation to sit and take a break “for a little while.”

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  1. YES! Once you sit, you’re done for. Same with exercise… if you put your running clothes on directly after work – you’ll run – otherwise you won’t. (This is why I change into my work clothes right when I get home.)

    Liz Reply

    • But it helps if I sit down first! And check my email. And check Twitter. And then see if Facebook…

      avoision Reply

      • Ah, the internet. Ruining productivity since 1998.

        Meg Reply

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