A Few Pages From “The Bionic Woman Goodtime Coloring Book”

I happened across The Bionic Woman Goodtime Coloring Book while out and about yesterday with Liz, as we were hopping around to various antique malls.

The cover caught my eye, mostly because Lindsay Wagner seemed to have the exact same thought as me: A Bionic Woman coloring book? Really? I had no idea…

For those that may not know, The Bionic Woman was a TV show that aired in 1976 (a spinoff from The Six Million Dollar Man). Here’s a taste:

Thought #1: Could this have been the first mainstream use of the word “fembot?”

Thought #2: You… are a son of a bitch, Kingsfield!

So many questions.

The Bionic Woman saves a clueless child from certain death. Also pictured: the world’s shittiest lumberjack.

The Bionic Woman catches a plane ride across the shark-infested waters of Shark Cove, just off the coast of Shark Island.

Unencumbered by the cultural norms of the day, the Bionic Woman shows that she is unafraid to pick up men.

The Bionic Woman is attacked by a rhinoceros that has some kind of weird lip problem.

The Bionic Woman is surprised when Mr. Bear shows up earlier than expected for dinner.

The Bionic Woman is watching. Always watching.

The trend of animals attacking the Bionic Woman continues. I like how whoever owned this book began coloring in the snake, but then gave up after two sections and basically said Fuck this, I quit.

In a rare moment of calm with an animal, the Bionic Woman paints.

The Bionic Woman rescues a child and his idiotic father, who backed the family car into the lake at top speed.

The Bionic Woman, while being shot out of a cannon, uppercuts a bank robber and a jewel thief who are both at the circus for some reason.

Robot Halloween Costume
Robot Costume, Lunchtime

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  1. Allison and I are laughing our asses off. Thank you.

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