Signs of Spring

With all of the work going on in the house, we have (unfortunately) a small pile of debris building in the backyard. Mostly it’s excess wood, old cabinets, and things that I’m slowly getting rid of via the weekly trash pickups.

Yesterday, I spotted this guy sprouting from within a crack in a plank of wood.

Along our driveway (a shared one, with our neighbor)… I spotted this small collection of plants by our neighbor’s house. I’m not sure what they are, but seeing them after a fresh rain made me think of tiny, half-opened umbrellas.

I had this sense that the raindrops were actually holding these guys down. And that in a few hours, when the day and the sun helped to evaporate the night’s rain… these guys would pop open, reaching skyward.

There’s a lot of activity in our yard, as of late. I know it was pretty barren (especially after we had all our trees removed), but now that the weather has warmed… things are starting to get a little out of control back there. Plants popping up everywhere.

Spring is Here
Seeing the Light
Tiny Tree, Logan Square Blue Line
Sidewalk Flower, State and Jackson

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    • Thanks, Justin! And hey there – damn fine looking website, sir!

      avoision Reply

  1. Yup, Mayapples. I always think they look like elf umbrellas. Each plant will get one blossom under the umbrella. The blossom looks like an apple, and it blooms in May. Hence the name.

    juliet Reply

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