Bagster, Round 3

Today, I set aside the morning to move a lot of the bags that have accumulated with our recent kitchen work. On Friday, while we were cleaning up the kitchen, I ended up moving a lot of bags into the backyard. Today, my plan was to get every bag we had into yet another Bagster bag.

Which I set up in our driveway. It seems like a large bag (3 cubic yards), but fills up really fast.

My trusty workhorse – a borrowed dolly, which technically belongs to Julie but we’ve been using it a lot at our place. Bob extended the lip by welding an extra bit of metal to the base, and it provides a little more support for moving heavy objects.

Since what I was dealing with was mostly loose plaster, having a solid plank of wood helped provide some much needed support.

The porch, a little cleaner and a little less cluttered.

The full bag, full of… bags. I was surprised at how quickly I got through this round, but that may have been due to the bags being slightly less heavy. But comparing this image to the previous times, it seems like I had much more to throw away today. Odd, in that I felt like I moved through things quickly.

Maybe I’ve just figured out a good routine (getting two super heavy bags down at a time). All in all, I started around 10AM and finished around 3PM (which includes showering and walking out to grab a sandwich). After a pretty good day’s work, I treated myself to a few episodes of True Detective, which I’m slowly getting sucked into.

Lazy Sunday. Sorta.

Filling the Bagster, Beginning Work on the Kitchen
Bagster, Round 2

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