Attic Cleaning Part 4, and Some Unexpected Discoveries in the Yard

Prepping the uniform, before heading up to the attic. I learned from Bob that the initial discomfort when donning a respirator (where it feels like you’re struggling really hard to draw in a breath) is normal. There’s a small bit of acclimation time, before your lungs get used to things – and breathing feels normal again.

More than anything else, those first 15 minutes are what I really dread. The rest of the time in the attic isn’t all that terrible – once the breathing part settles down.

The long climb up…

Kicking back a bit in the attic. Continued work and got most of the joists cleared, from the entrance up to the beginning of the front office. There’s a 3 foot section of the attic I can’t quite get to at the moment, that’s buried underneath other things (like the large plank of plywood there).

I think I’ve got maybe three or four more trips up here before I fully clear things out. One more to relocate boards (and bags) over to the other side, and to clear up the insulation buried under other things. I’ve got one section of the attic that’s literally buried under about 20+ bags, which I need to get rid of before I can access. And there’s a smaller area near the front of the house that I need to crawl into and clean.

We have a section of the attic that’s kind of corralled off, with boards extending from the attic floor to the ceiling. The boards are so tight, there’s no good way for me to squeeze past them. So there’s this large swath of attic I can’t really access (and can’t clean). Not sure how to tackle this just yet.

Liz and I have been considering vaulting the ceiling to the front office – so Bob may help us take a look up here and see what our options are, once I get this cleaned up a bit more.

After a morning tucked in the attic, it felt nice to roam around our backyard for a bit of a breather. Noticed this rather large flower, poking through the ground on our neighbor’s side.

Liz found a snowman themed baseball, which struck me as really odd. Baseball and winter are two things that seldom link up in my head. Kind of like seeing snowflake designs on the side of a Zippo lighter – they just don’t quite seem to go together.

One golden birthday coin for one birthday zombie boy. One can only wonder whether he ate his birthday cake or the other children at his party, first.

The back of the coin has a date of 1994, and URL (which seems very surprising, given that date):

Another interesting flower in our yard – one of two or three that seem to have this very distinctive triangular shape.

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  1. Hi, I’m not sure I’ll get a response but oddly I found one of the birthday coins today and was interested to see if you found any information about it. Thanks

    Jeremy Reply

    • Hi Jeremy –

      Never really found much about this coin. The URL on the back of the coin is for, which looks to be a site that no longer is up/maintained.

      I looked up the URL via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, and found a few snapshots of the original website circa 2003. But it looks like a very early e-commerce site around birthday gifts, with no specific mention I could find about the coin.

      Not sure how old yours is, but ours looks like it’ll be turning 30 next year… when the birthday coin’s birthday rolls around.

      avoision Reply

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