20 Day Stranger: Sharing Anonymized Data Between You and Someone You Will Never Meet

20 Day Stranger is a project that attempts to pair two complete strangers, sharing details of each person’s life via an iPhone app. It’s not exactly what data is shared, or how this is done… but the promotional video gives an interesting glimpse.

I’ve signed up to give this a whirl, as it sounds like a pretty keen idea. I’d prefer it if I get to choose exactly what and when I share things, but I guess all that remains to be seen.

The site for the project itself looks pretty buttoned up, but the application process is just a Google Form. No harm there I suppose, but that form gave me the sense this was a more experimental project than I perhaps initially thought.

Still though – I like the impulse behind this, and look forward to seeing what will happen. If you’re interested in peeking into another person’s life (and sharing some aspects of your own), consider signing up.

[via MetaFilter]

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