An Oral History of The West Wing

Fans of The West Wing, check out this great behind-the-scenes interview with several cast members and writers from the show. It’s been ages since I’ve seen it, but reading this made me want to re-watch the entire series (or at least, the first four), all over again.

Fair warning for those who may not have seen the show yet – a few spoilers in there.

One of the more surprising things I learned is that actors Joshua Malina and Bradley Whitford enjoyed messing with one another a great deal. Here’s a quick story from Whitford:

I remember I had a check written for $3,000 to the guy who was editing the In Memoriam reel at the SAG Awards because I thought “How great, let’s kill Josh [Malina, who played Will Bailey] .” But the guy chickened out. So when I wrote my second script, Josh had to say several times on national TV, “I’m a terrible actor. I can’t act.”

For long-time readers of this blog, you’ll know that I got sucked into this show a long time ago. The article is a great walk down memory lane, and if you haven’t seen any episodes… they’re available on Amazon Prime for free!

[via MetaFilter]

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