Tearing Up the Kitchen Floor: Things Are Getting Real

Things got kicked up a notch on Tuesday, as Bob came over and helped us start to work on the kitchen floor. We’ve cleared off the walls as well as we can, along with the ceiling. The sink is the last thing left standing in this room, and we’ll likely be removing that guy very soon.

I’ve lost track of how many layers this kitchen has. Liz tore through a layer or so of plywood already, and we had another layer of tile to get through. Today, we were going to be removing everything – going all the way down to the joists.

Bob, working with a crowbar and hammer, to pull up the wood floor.

Bob seemed to easily navigate across the exposed joists. Me, I was much more timid and walked very slowly – mostly clinging to the wall for support. I did walk across a handful of times, but not without my stomach dropping a little bit each time.

It did get slowly better for me, as I got more comfortable walking across things. But I think Bob’s done this so often now, and has worked at some pretty big heights, that this is all old hat for him.

A large section of the kitchen floor, pulled up and revealing the basement below. Nearly every time I looked over and saw through to the basement, I kept saying “Wow. Wow…”

Things have definitely kicked up a notch in the kitchen. We’re now seriously looking at tile and wood options for the first floor, and we’re having conversations about what we’re going to be putting down.

It’s crazy to look back at some of the older photos of the kitchen, back when things were still in their original state. We’ve gotten used to the kitchen being this kind of construction zone, it’s a little shocking to me when I look back at those early photos.

A lot of changes, from then to now. And a lot more changes to come.

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