Moving the Kitchen Sink into the Dining Room

On Saturday, Bob came over to help us move out the very last, remaining item out of the kitchen: the sink. Right now, about 40% of the floor is torn up, with a bit of plywood down. And we needed to get this sink moved, before we continued with any more work.

The sink, pulled from the wall, and cleaned up a bit.

Bob set up some temporary pipes (aka garden hose), connecting the kitchen sink to the utility sink in the basement. Easiest path between the two? The fireplace.

Downstairs, which now feeds our temporary sink.

Everything is cut to size, and prepped.

Behind the fireplace, where the sink used to be. Liz worked on chiseling out some of the plaster, which really is all that remains on the walls. We’ve gotten just about everything else cleared out of the way.

And here is our new/old kitchen sink, proudly situated in front our fireplace in the dining room. I think our makeshift spice rack really completes the picture, here. If this doesn’t say “in progress,” I don’t know what does.

It’s great to have a sink again, and oddly – it’s better that it’s now situated in the dining room (which serves as our kitchen too). Previously, we’d bring dishes in/out of the kitchen, but given all the demo work in there… the sink was always an incredibly dirty area (even without the dirty dishes).

Now though – we have much more countertop space. And a lot less dust/debris will get tracked into the rest of the house, since we won’t be going back and forth between the two areas as much.

It may not look it, but this feels very much like a step up, to us. Our cooking and dish washing just got markedly easier, and now the kitchen is officially in full-on demo/construction mode. We’re on the verge of finishing all the demo work, and about to add/build. It’s pretty exciting stuff!

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  1. This makes my house projects feel paltry by comparison!

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