Lily of the Valley of the Backyard

Yesterday, Liz was wandering around our backyard after we got home. I was running some garbage cans out to the curb, and I found her kind of standing in the yard – staring, and possibly thinking ahead to a time when the backyard would actually be workable/usable.

Notice that the birdbath is now turning into a private birdbath. So much growth, just… everywhere.

In her wandering around the yard, Liz happened across a flower that made her really happy. But me, on seeing the Lily of the Valley… I couldn’t help but think of Breaking Bad.

Liz kept asking me “Isn’t it pretty?” and though I nodded yes, in my head I kept thinking “I know the real you, buddy. I know the kind of trouble you cause.”

I guess this means we’ll have to build a pool, too.

Old Bird Bath, New Yard
Breaking Bad Remix

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  1. Ha! I have been pulling lily of the valley from our grounds for a couple of years now… it’s connected via all these lateral rhizomes and seems to be an impossible, endless task. I have fond memories of it in our yard as a kid, but it’s so invasive! Well, and poisonous, as you referenced, which is what got me started pulling it in the first place. Just wait until you guys get started on the yard someday, after the house is done! It can turn into quite an obsession, pulling things, replanting, rearranging, etc. Last year I was on a LoTV eradication quest, (along with the seas of wild onions/garlic in our yard), and this year it was Ground Elder/Goutweed. I really hope you guys don’t have any ground elder… it’s about 100 times harder to get rid of than LoTV!

    PS – the red fuzzy plant you missed the name of appears to be Love-lies-bleeding (what a remarkable name) AKA amaranth. So pretty!

    A year or two ago I didn’t know a hosta from a cactus. Reverse-cataloging everything in our gardens (matching photos of our plants to names via google image et al) has me pretty up on the regional plants, if you ever need an ID! Although, after reading your post about Liz’ mom’s plant sale, I think you guys already have all the botanical expertise you could ever need right in your family!

    Allison Reply

  2. Thanks so much for offering your expertise Allison! I have no idea what’s a weed and what isn’t. There’s lot of pretty wildflowers back there also – but my mom claims they’re weeds. I personally think if it’s a flower – how can it be a weed?! :D

    Liz Reply

  3. Truthfully – I find my backyard meanderings to be a sort of urban adventure. I never know what I’m going to find back there. :) Today it was the Lilly of the Valley.

    Additionally, I was debating planting a dandelion garden. heh My buns love dandelions – they would appreciate having a nomming space of their very own.

    Liz Reply

  4. Allison…..that made me weep a bit. I am a lily of the valley fanatic. However the dirt at my place is not conducive to them so I plant them and they die. Over and over and over again…….

    jen Reply

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