The DayQuils and NyQuils Tend to Blur Together

So it goes.

The sickness continues, though it’s gotten better. I used a few sick days earlier in the week, and after going in to work on Wednesday… my manager Jose told me I was more than welcome to work from home. He also said that I didn’t sound that good (and this was around 10AM).

I eventually took him up on that offer mid-afternoon, and worked from home yesterday as well. Hoping to head to the office tomorrow, as the cold is starting to ease up. The coughing’s still there, and still loud and annoying… but it’s better.

One disturbing thing is that I haven’t been able to taste much of anything, the last few days. I know it’s related to whatever is going on with this cold (sinus infection?), but if it doesn’t improve over the weekend… I guess I need to go see someone officially about that.

It’s a little disconcerting, honestly. I’ve never been sick to the point where I lost my sense of taste. But we’ll see how this weekend goes.

At least it makes the NyQuil a little more bearable, at night.

Sick Days and Little Sleep

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