Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale, 2014 – Frankfort, IL

On Saturday, Liz and I were in Frankfort to help out with Julie’s annual plant sale. We arrived the night before, and were all up early to help out (Julie had gotten up around 5:30AM, looking to water her plants before the visitors arrived).

There were a ton of plants on display, and for sale.

Some herbs…

… and some starter seedlings.

There were lots of individual flowers…

but also lots of potted plants.

There were also some larger containers. The potted plants and containers seemed to sell really well, and got snatched up earlier on in the day.

There was a lot of activity earlier in the morning: flowers and displays were re-arranged. The checkout table needed to be prepped. I was helping to set up a new printer inside, and printed up a few additional signs once the main sale got underway.

Once things settled down, Bob and I headed over to Home Depot to pick up a few supplies. We needed to get some insulation for our house, and also picked up some wood for a side project he was working on.

The side project was to build a sign post.

Bob, measuring up a pretty large bit of wood. This whole guy will eventually be going into the ground.

Here’s the sign. The person who commissioned the job lives near the third hole of this golf course… and coincidentally happened to obtain the old/original sign for the hole, when the golf course was getting rid of it.

All the wood from today was going towards making a post for this sign.

A view of the sale, in full swing. LLiz, hanging out with Nancy at the checkout table.

Liz and Bob, hanging out by the drill press we had brought down from Bob’s shop.

Drilling through the post…

Near the end of the day, with all the plants removed and relocated. Things didn’t totally sell out, but a good number were sold.

Some of the empty plant stands, which Bob built a few weeks ago.

Some friends came mid-afternoon, and there was a lot of time spent on the porch, talking and hanging out.

We had a late pizza dinner, and ended up calling it an early evening. A very long, fun, and eventful day.

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