This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Well, I guess there’s some bit of symmetry to this: it took us less than a day to clear out the front yard, and it took less than a day before someone trampled all over our flowers.

I spoke with one of our neighbors yesterday evening, and learned that there were some people over checking out the SW facade of their building. Not exactly sure what the issue is there, but I guess it’s a repair thing. I think the roped off area is for safety?

I get that they needed access, and all. But there’s a part of me that was thinking But we just got this cleaned up!

I’m a bit peeved, but ultimately – this was all temporary anyways. I still would have liked to have had those flowers up for at least 24 hours though.

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  1. The more I think about this the more peeved I am. They could have just walked on the sidewalk like normal people instead of traipsing through our “soil” area and stepping on plants.

    I think a small fence is in order.

    Liz Reply

    • True. I forgot to mention the huge footprints we spotted, which indicated that someone just walked directly across our yard.

      Fence? I say land mines. We’ll just need one, and then word will get around…

      avoision Reply

      • MINES!

        Ben Reply

  2. This may be a positive thing–now you know that before you lay the sod, you also need to lay an electric shock grid.

    Melissa Reply

  3. These are all good points.

    Guess it’s time to save up for that moat. And the sharks that will live in the moat. And the laser beam headbands they’ll need to be fitted with. This gardening stuff is really a lot of work.

    avoision Reply

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