Father’s Day in Frankfort

We met up with Julie and Bob for a Father’s Day brunch at Granite City, in Orland Park. They had a special brunch thing going on, and though the place was very crowded with folks… we go seated at a massive table, and it didn’t feel crowded in the slightest.

There was the usual brunch stuff – lots of breakfast items, but also lots of prime rib and mashed potatoes as well (it was a Father’s Day event, after all). Coffee, OJ, and mimosas, too. A very rich and relaxing meal to start off the day.

On our way back to Frankfort, we stopped off at a nearby Kmart Superstore. Tricia and the kids are coming in to town sometime next week, and boy, are the kids going to be excited when these guys get rolled out.

Interesting side note: this was probably the first time I’ve been in an actual Kmart, since I began working at Sears, full time. Quite the pleasant experience.

After returning to Frankfort, we hung out with Julie and Bob for a good while – sipping some drinks, catching up a bit. After the full day we all had yesterday, today was a welcome contrast – a long, lazy day.

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