Another Pair of Gloves Down

Surprisingly, my second pair of gloves has run its course. I tried taping up a finger that split with some duct tape, but a few hours later… another finger had split wide open.

I first got to thinking about the fairy tale East of the Sun (West of the Moon) a few weeks ago, when I wore through my first pair of gloves. In the story, the heroine had to travel a great distance, arriving at her destination only after she had worn through seven pairs of iron shoes.

That image of wearing through iron stuck with me, ever since I first read the story as a child. I find it an interesting experiment to think about work gloves as units of time. I daresay I’ll go through more than seven pairs of these things, before the house is fully done… but so far? Two down. Five to go.

Slow Morning, Long Day
Hulk Gloves

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