Woodworking and Cupcakes in Frankfort

On Saturday, I went down to Frankfort early in the AM to hang out with Bob and to help him some with the wood post project he’s been working on. This was something started back when Julie had her plant sale, and we were set up in the yard to do some additional work.

A few angled cuts with the hand saw, and the top of the post is ready to be sanded down.

Inside Bob’s workshop, I spotted this old Craftsman set of cutters. Having done a bit for Craftsman’s site now, it’s interesting to see the older logo actually out in the wild, and a neat reminder how long they’ve been around.

Throughout the day I got to take a few breaks, and to hang out with Tricia and the kids (who are in town visiting). A bit after lunch, I walked in to see all of the kids working on making some cupcakes.

A dangerous combination: children and sprinkles. The containers for sprinkles have extremely wide spouts, and really are designed for adults. When a kid gets a hold of one of these things and pours, the sprinkles just come out like they’re pouring water.

As you can see, each cupcake is more like a heat map.

Well, nothing a little brushing off can’t cure.

After an extremely large and quick storm rolled in, Bob and I ended up relocating to his shop. We had moved the large post inside, and the size of it really made working with it indoors not an option. So instead, we headed upstairs and did some detail work on an additional piece of the sign.

Detail work, after the router’s done its bit.

Towards the end of my time there, we picked up around the shop a little bit. Bob and I re-arranged all his clamps and got things re-situated on the wall.

Julie Beeson’s Annual Plant Sale, 2014 – Frankfort, IL
Apple Pies in Frankfort

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