Cookies from the Neighbors

A few days ago, we got a knock on our door and a surprise. It was one of our next door neighbors, Dawn, who had with her a gift of some home-made cookies. Since we haven’t had any kind of oven or stove for some time now, receiving baked goods was a special treat.

We first met Dawn when we were needing to get some signatures, back when we were getting the trees in our backyard removed. The work involved people getting onto the neighbor’s property, and Dawn at the time was the head of the condo association next door.

It’s been a while since we first met, but Dawn was true to her word about getting us some cookies. Apparently she and her daughter Peri made them (with just a hint of coconut) – and they were delicious!

Really lovely surprise, and it made both Liz and I feel that much more welcome to the neighborhood. We’ve been super busy indoors most of the time that we’re home, but we are slowly getting to meet our neighbors bit by bit. One day, when we have our kitchen up and running again, we may need to bake up some thank-you macarons.

And by “we,” I mean Liz.

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