Backyard Wilderness

View of the backyard, currently. Despite attempts to clear out a bit by the house, the backyard is pretty much doing its own thing. We’re not really able to devote much time to this area, as we’re concentrating on the interior of the house. Still amazes me how quickly the backyard can grow, if left on its own.

At least the front yard is looking slightly more respectable.

We’ve pretty much given up on the birdbath, though I’m just thinking of it as us providing the birds with a greater degree of privacy.

Over the winter, we saw a really large possum lumbering between our yard and the neighbor’s. Liz and I took to calling him the “Possum King,” given how huge he was. Haven’t seen that guy in some time, but maybe he’s still there underneath all that foliage.

Cleaning Up, Cooling Down
A New Old Bird Bath

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