Augur: iPhone App That Uses Twitter to Tell the Future

Guys – I am so incredibly excited to say, officially and everything, that my iPhone app is on the App Store! Yeah!

I’ve been working on this app idea, for… well, for an embarrassingly long time. I’ve been pecking away at the thing, in my spare time, for a good while. And I’m so super thrilled to say that it’s made it through the App Review process, and is available for purchase on the App Store!

For a full pitch on what the app is all about, check out the official website. In a nutshell, the app uses Twitter to try to predict the future. I’ve gotten a few questions as to how the thing actually works, and I have a more in-depth blog post in the works diving into the nitty gritty. But for now – Twitter. Future. Let’s leave it at that.

I’m quite fond of the name, as an augur was someone who in Roman times divined the future by studying the flight path of birds. And the app is kind of doing the same, but instead of birds it looks at tweets… and instead of looking at the sky, it looks at the Internet.

I still have concerns regarding the signal to noise ratio, but the early reports I’ve gotten from a few friends seems to suggest that there are some fun discoveries happening. My friend Aaron posted up a screenshot of the app on his phone, and I have to tell you… this absolutely made my day.

If you’ve got an iPhone and can spare the coin, consider this an official invitation to give the app a whirl. And as always, if you wouldn’t mind passing along the website to your friends/family on social media, I’d consider that a kindness.

Augur App, Submitted to App Store
New Project and Logo: Augur

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  1. Yesssss! Congrats on the release, my friend! I absolutely loved the experience of playing around with this app when you last showed it to me at Monk’s. I’ll have to fire up the ‘ol iPod Touch and download it this weekend.

    Chris Reply

  2. I love it. I loved it even more when I built it in 2003 and it was called Nostro. See you in court, “friend.”

    Anthony Reply

    • Well, dang. Didn’t see this coming…

      avoision Reply

  3. Great idea – just downloaded on my up to date 5S. I go to login with Twitter. Touch on Authorise App. It then just takes me back to the Google homepage.

    I am devastated. Any chance I can get it working?



    J Sorrels Reply

    • Hi J – Apologies for the login difficulties you’ve encountered. A friend of mine also noted a similar login problem, which I’ve been working on trying to repro. I’ve gotten it to happen just once so far, but can’t seem to consistently cause the error.

      In the meanwhile, until I get the fix in and have a new version approved, there may not be anything that can be done. I suggested to my friend that he try uninstalling/re-installing. That didn’t end up working for him, but that’s the only thing I can think of that might reset the login process.

      It’s a known issue, and I’m working to resolve it. Apologies again for this.

      avoision Reply

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