Chicago Tribune Truck: Online and Print

Spotted this Chicago Tribune truck, on my way to work yesterday morning. It was out delivering papers, but what caught my eye was the text near the bottom of the truck, by the tires.

It reads: Online, Mobile, Tablet, Print.

I found it fascinating that someone decided to emphasize the ways in which you could consume the Tribune. It makes sense, but I was surprised to see mobile and tablet so explicitly called out.

While I was incredibly slow to adopt cellphones (and was likely one of the last people I know to actually get a cellphone, I do use it with some frequency.

In my head, I know there are tons of stats supporting the fact that more and more users are choosing to view their content on mobile and tablet devices. Just found it interesting to be reminded of that via the printed word. On a truck.

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  1. Looking at the stats for my site, hardly anyone uses a PC on the weekend anymore. PCs = work.

    Alex G. Reply

    • Very interesting! I did a quick check (I honestly don’t look over my stats all that often, beyond glancing at daily visitors) – and was surprised to still see a high percentage of PC users (46%). And even on the weekends, PC visitors seem to remain at 40% for me.

      avoision Reply

  2. What might be more amazing is the fact that “print” was listed fourth of the four. Sign of the times.

    Matt Reply

    • Totally! This is what really caught my eye, when I first walked by: that print was relegated to the end of the list. Granted, it may be given that the Tribune is available in print, but it also seemed to call attention to how much they want to explicitly mention the other, Internet-based formats.

      avoision Reply

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