Rebecca George: Have Many Rabbit, A Bunny-Rabbit Exhibition Party

Many months ago, Justin was taking a printmaking class, and learned that his instructor created a lot of artwork based around bunny rabbits. He commissioned her to do a small portrait of Baxter (our rabbit, who passed away last year). It was an incredibly touching gift, and I know Liz was incredibly moved by it.

We received an invitation some time later, from Rebecca George, the artist. Turns out she was having a show of her work, and all of it was bunny-related. Though we’ve been away from the city these past weeks, we made an express point of being able to stick around in the city, after work. This was something, Liz especially, we didn’t want to miss.

The exhibition took place at The Art House, which I think is also where Justin took his printmaking class.

There was a large mixture of work on the walls – I don’t know that I can identify all the various mediums, but I know there were oil paintings, drawings, and a variety of prints.

A few examples of the smaller, more detailed bunny portraits. This is very similar to the piece that Justin commissioned for us, of Baxter.

I think this is one of the more experimental prints – one of a series of three, which I really liked.

Rebecca (far right), talking to a group of attendees.

One of the larger (and eye-catching) pieces, featuring a large bunny looming over a cityscape.

An attendee, taking a closer look at some drawings. At the end of the evening, we would end up purchasing two pieces – one of which was the drawing at the bottom, on the far right.

Out in the backyard, there were drinks and food – and a nice space for people to congregate and relax. And, of course, a bunny rabbit hanging out with everyone as well.

I remember thinking that Rebecca and Red Door should team up for some kind of event – they seem like they would be a good match.

Spotted some frames, sitting out in the walkway between buildings. A small reminder that even during a show, there’s work waiting to be done for the next.

The event also had a raffle – with tickets at $5 apiece, or 5 for $20. There were 5 total prizes, ranging from a percentage discount on artwork (5th place) to a free piece (up to $200). This, I thought, was a really great idea and the drawing was scheduled for 8PM – and kept a lot of folks hanging out, drinking and talking more at the event.

A few more images of additional works.

A larger view of the gallery space.

And of course, there’s a rabbit door knocker on the bathroom door. Funny enough – we have one of these guys (a gift from my sister, last Christmas). We’re still waiting to put it on our front door, but I recognized it immediately.

Out in the back garden area, waiting for the winners to be called. We didn’t end up winning any of the drawings, but that didn’t deter us from getting a few things.

A delightful drawing – and a face both Liz and I recognize from many prior bunny burrito sessions.

Additional view of more work, with a better shot of the godzilla bun. To find out more about the artist, visit and also The Art House at 3453 N. Albany Avenue.

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  1. Best evening out in a while! So happy to be able to support Rebecca – but you guys know how I love my little furball friends, too.

    Liz Reply

  2. Thank you Felix & Liz for coming, supporting the work & assembling such a wonderful synopsis on your blog!

    rebecca Reply

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