A Kid and His Green Lantern Cape – Why?

Walking around downtown today during my lunch hour, I saw a kid sporting a superhero cape. My first reaction was: “Awesome!” And then a moment later, my eyes scrunched up and I wondered “Wait, a Green Lantern cape? Why?”

I am no expert on comic books, but I’ve always associated Green Lantern with the more modern Hal Jordan. And the only GL I knew that ever sported a cape was the Alan Scott version – which is super old.

From my point of view, it’s just super weird to see the Green Lantern logo on a cape like this. I mean, why not give Aquaman a cape while we’re at it? Gleek, that blue space monkey from Superfriends had a cape, so why not? Capes for everyone.

But wait – maybe you need at least a logo. So… Punisher? Cape. Captain American? Cape. Shazam? Ca… well, you understand where I’m going with this.

Part of me wanted to ask the boy why he thinks Green Lantern should have a cape. And another part of me wanted to talk to the mother, and explain why the cape was all wrong. There was some small part of me though that held back, as I think the mother might have viewed me as a crazy person. Maybe.

Perhaps I’m missing something, and there’s a good reason for a Green Lantern cape. Anyone help me out here? Maybe there’s an animated series that features the cape?

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  1. Not sure if you ever checked out the following superfriends site…. but if you haven’t – just read about superman and see if you can resist the rest of the descriptions.


    Scott Reply

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