Unnecessary Commuting

Today, I made a mistake in terms of commuting. I was under the assumption that our plumber would be done, and that we could move back in to our place (we’ve been staying in Frankfort for a long while – three weeks now, by our count). Liz was less certain the plumber would be done, but didn’t want to argue with me as I was frantically getting laundry done and things arranged, the night before.

So this morning, we woke up earlier than normal, packed up the car, and drove in to the city. We parked by our place, hopped on the Metra, and went in to work like normal – looking forward to returning to our house.

Around 1PM, I found out that the plumber got called away on an emergency, and wouldn’t be able to finish all the work. Around 5:30 PM, when we were walking back to the house… we learned that he was able to show up around 3PM, but only got the cold water done.

Liz and I talked about our options: stay at the house (which I thought was dirtier than normal), with only cold water. Or waste more time driving back to Frankfort (and having to do the whole commute again tomorrow).

I was stuck for a long time, and couldn’t decide. There was dust everywhere, but we’ve been living in a state of chaos for some time now. But to me – it was dirtier than our “normal dirty,” and staying without being able to shower seemed too much.

On the other hand, leaving seemed wrong. I felt like I wasn’t able to “rough it” the same way Liz was able to, and so leaving felt weird. I got locked into a period of indecision, and Liz finally made the call that we needed to go back to Frankfort. Which, ultimately, I’m glad she did.

On arriving, we had a relaxing evening with Julie and Bob. We had a glass of wine on their porch, ate some leftover Chinese food and finished off the night watching Ender’s Game. Though we had another drive back the following day, it felt nice to be in Frankfort for one more night at least.

I think I’ve gotten spoiled, living with Julie and Bob.

Hopefully tomorrow, we’ll have both hot and cold water again. And it’ll be back to living in the same place we’re fixing up. It’ll be good to finally be home, dust and debris and all.

With us living again in Hyde Park, one big benefit is the time we’ll save in our commute. Living in Frankfort, we had to drive to Richton Park, and catch a much lengthier Metra train into the city. Back in HP again, we’ll be shaving an hour off of our commute.

I guess that’s an extra 60 minutes each day, we can clean.

Commuting to Work: Every Day is a Train Ride

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