Old Pipes

Liz and I got home in the early afternoon, and spent a few hours cleaning up the house. While Liz was working on cleaing up our front room, I took a lot of our old pipes out to the curb.

One of the pieces I took out was the original lead pipe that brought in water from the city. We’ve since replaced it with something more modern/stable, but this guy was just a crazy thing from the past. I’m really glad to see it finally gone, as it was not the safest thing to have in our basement.

All the remaining water and cast iron pipes. I luckily got a hold of a card from a guy who picks up random scrap metal. His name is Mr. Davis, and I’ve called him up a few times whenever I’ve got a decent load of metal for him to pick up.

It’s a really mutually beneficial relationship – I typically have a ton of metal that I need to get rid of, and he can convert the scrap metal to cash (based on weight, I think). He’s always happy to hear from me, and I’m always happy to see him when he arrives.

I think with this round, it may end up being the last time we see Mr. Davis in a good while. Hopefully so, as I don’t think we have much more metal to throw out.

New Pipes
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