The Bunny Rabbits Are Home!

Tonight, after many, many months away… I’m happy to say that Phineas and Quincy are back home with us again. We were concerned that the state of construction at the house would be too much for their systems (lots of dust and particles in the air), so we kept them away while the bulk of the demo work has been going on.

We’re far from finished. And we most definitely have more demo and dust in our future. But after having them away for so long, it was time for them to come back home.

We don’t have a ton of clean space in our house – but we cleared out the main “hallway” area for them, next to our temporary AC unit. We got some floor tiles so they could have a solid surface to hop around on, and set them up with a new bunny cottage.

I guess it’s only fair – we get a new home, they get a new home.

In the past, we’d get bags of hay from the pet store. Now that we’re further away from those types of stores, and now that we have more room… we’re shifting over to receiving 50-pound bags of hay. The box is… surprisingly heavy.

Phineas and Quincy, exploring their new space.

A tremendous amount of thanks goes out to Liz Rench (aka the Rabbit Sitter), for taking such good care of our fellas.

Since we moved in, we’ve been working hard on making our house livable. Though it’s a long-term project and we have more to go, having the rabbits back with us makes it feel more like home. Welcome back, Phineas and Quincy. Welcome back.

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  1. HOORAY! So happy to see the buns are home!

    Meg the Grand Reply

    • Its so wonderful to be able to see them from our bedroom – although some stinker butt named Phineas woke me up this morning with his shenanigans. He’s too cute to stay mad at though.

      Liz Reply

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