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Recently, I’ve been looking more into the Angular.js framework. It’s a direction we’re going in for work, and it’s something I wanted to learn to help provide more structure to the code I write (for my own projects).

There are numerous ways to learn things online, and one of the more pleasurable methods I’ve come across is the method employed by Code School. Combining well-paced videos with interactive challenges, I’ve found this approach to be really helpful for how I go about learning.

It’s no surprise that their motto is “Learn by Doing.” They aren’t the only online course to use this kind of approach (videos and interactive tests are old hat by now), but the style and timing of their courses I’ve really liked.

The Angular course so far feels like a lot of hand-holding. Which, actually, I don’t mind so much. The pace I’m finding works really well for me, as I’m able to better grasp concepts before moving on. I usually fare poorly when trying to sludge my way through a large programming book, and seem to learn best when I’m creating a project on my own. For me, Code School seems to work really well in that regard in that you’re slowly building a larger project, step by step.

You can create a free account and even work through several courses for free. The Angular course I’m taking right now is free, in case you’re interested. There are a lot of courses listed, covering a wide number of topics.

The pricing for a paid account is steep ($29/month), but I’m really considering it. I’ve found myself learning and enjoying the process as I do.

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