Porch Weekend in Frankfort, Part 2

Met up with Bob again on Sunday in Frankfort. While he had used a stapler to hold down the plywood, he needed a roof nailer for the work we had today. Here’s what a bit of nails looks like, for the nailer.

Made me think of ammunition for a large, automatic rifle.

And, the way it loads up into the device… looks exactly like ammunition.

With plywood and starter down along the East side of the porch, Bob started to set up the shingles. While I helped cut some of the shingle pieces, I spent a lot of my time as a gopher. Given our movements from the porch down to the ground, there was a decent amount of tool and material fetching, throughout the day.

Working the shingles along the side.

Shingles down, and a first layer in place. We lucked out with the weather, as it stayed sunny and nice all day (despite a bit of rain predicted in the afternoon). When Liz showed up in the evening, she let us know there had been intermittent rain in Chicago most of the afternoon (and she had driven through a patch of particularly bad rain on the way over).

The weather gods were kind to us, as we didn’t see a drop all day. Well, until the post-work beer that is.

// Edit: I almost forgot! In checking on the baby bird, I found that it survived through the night. In the morning, Julie said that the parents were still hovering around the tree and hadn’t given up. Though we both weren’t sure if the parents knew that their nest had been relocated to the box.

I ended up cutting more of the top box away, and directing the nest so that the parents could “see” their hatchling from the porch of the hummingbird feeder. When I was doing this, the baby was chirping – but it was a really soft, low chirp – and made me feel like it might not last the day.

A bit later in the afternoon, Julie told me she spotted one of the parents perched on the back of the chair. And that she saw it hop from there to the box. On hearing this, it sounded like the parents finally put two and two together, and have hopefully resumed feeding.

When Liz arrived, she could hear the baby chirping loudly away in its box. I guess things are (somewhat) back to normal.

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