Learning About the Security Wand in Millennium Park

For lunch yesterday, our team at work decided to go to Millennium Park and eat while listening to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra rehearse at Pritzker Pavilion.

We were seated in a grassy, shaded area near the pavilion… and during our time there, I noticed a lot of security personnel walking by. From time to time, one of them would walk up to a lamp post right by our picnic area, and press a device into the side of it.

This happened enough times that it got me curious what was going on, if there was some kind of re-charging station there, or what the deal was. So the next time I saw a security guard do this, I hopped up and went to go ask her some questions.

I found out that each security guard has one of these devices, and it helps them “check in” with the main office. By touching this to a particular station, it shows that they’ve been to a specific spot. Apparently, all the staff have certain areas they cover, and this device helps to show that they’re actively visiting locations that are on their routes.

I tried asking the guard if I could take her photo, but she declined. When I asked if she could tell me where the other check-in locations were, she said that she couldn’t – which makes sense. I was happy enough to get an explanation, and glad I got a shot of the security wand.

Here the spot on the light post, near where we were sitting. So if you’re in Millennium Park in the future and see one of these random buttons… well, now you know what they’re for!

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