Phineas, Back on the Meds

Last week, Liz took Phineas in to the vet as he was appearing listless and uninterested in food. Usually, this is a sign that stasis might be setting in – and something may be blocked in their system.

We have a hunch it might be due to him shedding so much (and cleaning himself). But taking him in early helped catch things, and he’s now much more active and doing much better.

He is, though, on a whole host of meds. At least for the next two weeks.

We’ve switched up our schedule, taking to feeding them their meds prior to their evening meals. In the past, we’d do the meds late at night before bed… but it’s gotten easier to just get things done at dinnertime.

In the past, it was Quincy who had more meds to take, but now it’s Phin’s turn. I’m still figuring out how to best get Phineas his medications, as there are some he likes and some he’ll want nothing to do with. You wouldn’t think someone who cleans his face with his hands would be all that picky about things, but… here we are.

Giving Medication to the Bunny Rabbits
Many Medications

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