Chesscademy: Free Online Chess Lessons, Modeled After Codecademy

Modeled very much after the look/style of Codecademy, Chesscademy is a free site that can help you learn (and to play better) chess.

There are video intros for each section, narrated by Andrew Ng (a 7-time national chess champion). Following each video, there are a series of short exercises that test you on the concepts you just learned.

I’ve only done one so far, but really enjoyed the pacing of the videos and the interface. I’m pretty familiar with the general rules of chess (though I don’t know that I really have much knowledge of strategy), so I went with the Moving Past the Basics course.

If you’re new to chess, consider trying the Getting Started course out, as it’s designed for folks who have never played before.

This is a really well-executed concept, and I think it’s going to get a ton of folks more interested in chess. And check out that responsive layout fanciness, to boot!

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