Putting Down the Kitchen Floor

On Wednesday, Bob came by to help us put down some plywood – and to start the process of getting our kitchen floor back, bit by bit.

A bit of plywood, notched out so that it fits better against our new pipes. Additionally, the cuts at the end help the board slide in flush against the South wall.

First piece down! We have strips of wood that were glued to the floor joists, and another layer of glue bonding the plywood with the strips. We used a nailer (powered by a pretty large compressor) to hold everything down. My first attempt at the nailer had me accidentally shooting out two nails at once. But after that small hiccup, I got the hang of how it works. Man, those things are powerful.

We got a second board down, but had to stop after that (we’ve got three more boards we need to pick up). Even so, it feels and looks really nice to see a solid floor in the kitchen once more. It’s a small thing, but really makes the kitchen feel like it’s getting closer towards being “done.” I know we have much more work ahead of us, but a solid base is a truly great feeling.

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