Kevin’s Bachelor Party

My old high school friend Kevin was in town this weekend for his bachelor party. It was a two day affair, and I ended up joining the group on Saturday for the second leg.

I was trying to meet up with them during the afternoon, as there was talk of them possibly hitting up a beach or a local arcade. A few guys ended up taking a power nap (recovering from the previous night) and so I ended up meeting the group at their hotel before dinner.

We went to Tango Sur, and my word – it was an incredible amount of meat. I got the filet mignon, and the portion was enough for two people. Coupled with the appetizers we had, there was just a tremendous amount of food all around. I think someone estimated that we could have gotten two less entrees, and still had plenty.

There was a lot of sharing at the table (lots of “you’ve got to try this”). Great meal, and a great start to the evening. It was BYOB, and while I’m more used to wine… it’s appropriate for a bachelor party that the guys brought along some beers, and two bottles of vodka. Which got finished at the meal.

After dinner, we ended up trekking over to Aviary, to see if we could get in. No luck with the walk-ups, so we started walking back out to find some cabs. On our way, we spotted a place called G-Cue Billiards. And realizing it was a great spot to relax for a bit, went in for a few games of pool.

Shortly after this, we all were back at the hotel hanging out in Kevin’s room. There were more drinks, as folks were resting up for our 12AM reservations at The Roof at the top of the Wit hotel.

Were were able to bypass a decent line/wait, given our reservations. And on arriving at the top, we got our own little spot, along with bottle service.

Photos, with the skyline in the background.

Some glitchy-ness happened here, as I caught someone else’s flash while taking this photo. I was, and currently remain, puzzled about what the heck was going on.

The gents, gathered around, with Kevin pouring himself another drink. I took some really terrible Vines and Instagram shots, so these dark pictures are all I really have of the night.

Around 3AM, we all were back at the hotel – and various folks dropped off. I was still up (surprisingly) with Ryan, Fox, and Michael – and we headed out in search of a late night bar that was still open. The one nearby bar we went to refused to let us in (this was circa 3:20AM), despite them being a 4AM bar. They said they had already done last call, so we got turned away.

In searching for another bar to hit (I found a few that were 5AM but most were not nearby), we ended up going to South Loop Club. In my hazy memory, it was more of a bar than diner. But on arriving, it turned out to be more diner than bar. We got one drink there and around that time, everyone decided to just cash it in for the night.

Despite the anticlimactic end to the night, I had a lot of fun with Kevin and the other guys (Nikolai, Adam, Michael, Fox, and Ryan). I knew Kevin and Nik from our old high school days, but it was my first time meeting everyone else – and I was happy to be invited along for the festivities. Great group of guys, and a great time.

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  1. Great night and so glad you joined us. Just the right mix of friends from many phases of my life, even as I enter another.

    Kevin Reply

    • Really happy I was able to be a part of that evening. Congrats again, my friend!

      avoision Reply

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