Wavespot: Generating Audio Samples Through Math and Code

One really awesome thing about Twitter is that you can follow people who are way smarter than you. And oftentimes they post up links to really awesome things that you would never have come across, without their help. Case in point: Wavespot, a really cool, live editor that will create an audio sample based on user input.

The bare bones version is just a function. But you can explore some of the other projects/sounds in the right sidebar, to hear more advanced versions. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can fiddle around with any of the projects via the editor.

I have to admit – there’s a lot going on in the code here that I don’t quite grok. But it’s a neat project to listen to and explore (even if you’re not overly familiar with code). Pretty fun to tinker around with, too!

[via @bit101]

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