Bagster, Round 4

Today, Liz and I spent some time attending to the piles of debris that have accumulated in our backyard. Though it’s a more expensive option compared to an actual dumpster, we opted to yet again go with a Bagster bag, just for the ease.

We had a large bamboo-like growth at the end of our driveway (amazing how quickly some of this stuff seems to appear and take root). One of our first tasks was to cut this thing down out of the way, so we could get to the concrete pile behind it.

Pulling it up by hand was out of the question, so we needed something stronger. We didn’t have a Sawzall handy, but we did have a small chainsaw. Problem solved.

A modest looking pile of concrete, all from our hole in the basement. It doesn’t look all that bad in this photo, and we were hoping to get rid of most of it via the Bagster. Sadly, we didn’t really make much of a dent, even though we hauled a lot of it out.

We stuck to the requirements (filling up heavy material up to 10 inches). We packed a good amount in the bottom of the bag, and shifted to placing wood on top.

We had kept a lot of the original kitchen cabinets, but have since decided we will be replacing them all.

The final bag, stuffed full. We still have a decent amount of debris in back, so we’ll have to figure that out bit by bit. Next up though, is us tackling some of the vegetation that’s sprouted up since the Spring.

The soil is remarkably loose in back, so it should be easier than normal for us to pull up a lot of things by hand. It’s just that there’s quite a lot back there…

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  1. Ahh… soil is not as loose in the back as it is in the front. Pulling things up by hand – not so much of an option. But that’s me, perhaps Felix you can hulk things up with your bare hands. :)

    Liz Reply

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