Drinks at The Promontory

Last week, on the way home from work, Liz and I decided to pop in for a quick drink at The Promontory. There’s been a lot of buzz about this place, as it’s by the same folks that run Longman & Eagle in Logan Square.

Outside seating. It was a little warm when we arrived, but in hindsight – I think this would make an absolutely perfect spot to settle in to… and to watch the day fade into night.

The restaurant itself is literally across the street from the 53rd street Metra Electric stop. But the entrance is down a small side street, far away from the noise of other cars. Great location, private spot.

Looking inside, toward the interior seating. There’s a large area upstairs as well, but that’s reserved for music.

There’s a big hearth going in the kitchen, and stockpiles of wood all around the main floor. The kitchen is right there in the open, and it was cool to be able to look over and peek at what the chefs were doing.

We ended up sitting at the bar. I ordered a Jamaican Old Fashioned, which was very tasty.

Liz ordered a Cinnamon Basil Smash – and she lamented this choice, because she liked it so much. I remember her saying “Now I’m never going to order anything else there, except this!”

We kept ourselves to just one drink, but were tempted to stick around for another (and for more food, and… well, you know how that goes). Looking forward to making this one of our regular spots in the neighborhood, as it’s very much on our walk home.

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  1. My drink was dangerous! Beware of the tasty cocktails here. You will be hooked.

    Liz Reply

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