Visting Ben and Allison for Lunch (and Pinball)

On Saturday, we had plans to hang out with Ben and Allison for a noon lunch. To our surprise, Chris was also over there when we arrived (he had swung by to play some pinball, as two of his machines are stored out in their garage).

I remembered hearing that Ben and gotten some pinball machines too, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw when I walked in. Five pinball machines, right next to one another! Six, if you counted the “Pirates of the Caribbean” mini-machine in the far corner.

Two of the machines in the middle belonged to Chris, but the rest were Ben’s.

Chris, playing a few rounds of Taxi. Soren, in the background, playing a game with the help of a step-stool. Here’s betting that Soren is going to be a killer pinball player when he gets older.

Outside, Ben and Allison had a great meal prepared for us. Lots of watermelon and strawberries, bread and fresh mozzarella, and some burgers with all the fixings.

A delicious (and colorful) spread.

We spent a good while catching up, as it’s been ages since we all got together to hang out. Nice and relaxing afternoon chatting with friends.

The one thing I’m realizing is how crucial scheduling is, in order to hang out with folks. Especially those with families. Now that so many of us are moving further away from the neighborhoods where we first resided – everyone is farther apart. We’re all focusing on different things, fixing houses, raising kids.

We lamented not working together in the same space, as that afforded us all the chance to simply go and hang out after work. Nowadays though, we have to set a time far in advance – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just different.

Lovely time with Ben, Allison, Soren, and Chris. One of these days, Liz and I will be able to entertain folks over at our place. Looking forward to scheduling that day.

Helping Chris Move Two Newly Acquired Pinball Machines

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