A Saturday in Frankfort

Liz and I went down to spend the day in Frankfort, with me hanging out with Bob and her hanging out with Julie. While the girls went off to go shopping for plants and things to put in our front yard, I spent my time helping Bob clean out the garage a bit – and running several errands.

Here, towards the end of the day, he was making a custom box for a birthday gift that Julie is sending to Paige. I was laughing at the fact that Bob was using large shears and his snipes (tools he usually reserves for sheet metal work) on cardboard.

I learned that this is how he first learned to work with sheet metal, with his father bringing hom cardboard and teaching him how to cut things out properly. Watching Bob in motion, he was just as adept with bending the cardboard as he is with sheet metal.

Julie and Liz returned home late in the afternoon, with the truck stocked full of plants.

Here they are, posing with a bit more (stuff I couldn’t even see, that was pushed further inside the truck). For now, Julie will be tending to them in Frankfort until we get a spigot set up near the front of the house.

After all, what better place for them to be tended to than Frankfort? This house is a great place for plants.

Before we headed back to the city, Bob helped us cut down some shelving legs. We got a few metal stands for storage, one of which will be in use in our basement. Unfortunately, the height of the stand is just a touch too tall for use down there. But thanks to Bob, we’re able to shave these guys down a little bit.

Reminded me of a little of Bob, when he was cutting rebar in our basement.

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