Discarded Umbrellas

Spotted a few discarded umbrellas, on the way in to work this yesterday morning. What stopped me in my tracks was the one umbrella, stuffed into the garbage – likely in a fit of frustration and anger. I would love to have seen the person who, very clearly, reached some kind of breaking point when their umbrella… also reached its breaking point.

It was a pretty raining morning and as luck would have it, I forgot my regular umbrella at work. As a kind of punishment, I had to use one of Liz’s girly umbrellas (a teal and lime green number). Thankfully for me, the umbrella was working just fine – and I arrived at work with a minimum amount of anger. And a maximum amount of style.

Umbrella Hat, Logan Square
Egg Umbrellas
But You Kept the Baby, Right?

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