Liz and Felix: Five Year Anniversary

It’s difficult to comprehend that Liz and I have been married for five years now, as of today. That number seems very large, and the time seems to have passed by so quickly, so easily.

To celebrate the occasion, I’m including 5 photos of us together at various points in time – some from when we were dating, some of our wedding, and some from where we are now. The nice thing about running a daily blog for so many years is that you kind of build up an archive, almost without trying.

Lunch with Liz – June 14, 2006

Polite in Public, Vic Theater – September 20, 2007

I Propose Marriage and Liz Says Yes: We’re Engaged! – April 9th, 2008

Wedding and Reception – September 12, 2009

Closing Day – We Just Bought a House! – October 30, 2013

// Edit: Ok, this breaks the numeric and chronological theme going on here. But I couldn’t pass up this honorable mention. One more of us together:

Chocolate Noses, Chocolate Moustaches – June 6, 2010

I have to say – our wedding was one of the best parties I’ve ever attended/hosted. Much of it was a blur of excitement and activity, but we still get kind words about it to this day. If I had the money and means, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Maybe skip out on the ceremony and gifts, and just do the reception again.

While it’s nice to know that we look happy together (we have independent, 3rd-party confirmation of this), I can say without hesitation that my life is truly, quantifiably, inexorably happier with Liz in it. Happy anniversary hon. Here’s to a hundred more.


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  1. Awww, thanks hun. Love you too.

    Liz Reply

  2. I just love you guys :) Congrats on five fabulous years!!!

    Meg the Grand Reply

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