Three Marlenas

For the past week, I’ve gotten my ears stuck on Three Marlenas, by The Wallflowers (a group fronted by Bob Dylan’s son, Jakob Dylan).

The weird thing is I never really listened to them, back when they were more popular. I know a few of their more famous songs – but for some reason, this one song got its hooks into me. And every time I sit down to my computer to code, I have this song running on a constant loop.

The video is rather unwatchable. And most of the lyrics don’t really do all that much for me (beyond the main chorus). But for some really strange reason, this song has been like a chant – something I reflexively flip on when I sit down to work.

I find it funny now that whenever I start new projects, I’m on the lookout for which song (or in rare cases, album) will attach itself to the work. In a way, it feels like smoking cigarettes – an attempt to capture a very small moment in time, and to repeat it over and over and over again.

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