Upcoming Speaking Event: 20×2 Chicago, How Do You Do?

Happy to announce that I’ll be participating again in 20×2 Chicago, a super fun event where 20 creatives are given 2 minutes to answer the same question.

I’ve had the good fortune to participate in several of the Chicago events, and it’s always incredibly interesting to see how folks decide to go about interpreting/addressing the prompt. It’s up to each speaker to decide how he or she wants to go with answer the question. This time around, we’ll all be asked: “How do you do?”

To top things off, the 20×2 Chicago site got a nice redesign. The speakers all come from a wide range of backgrounds (developers, bloggers, journalists, musicians) and the event makes for a very entertaining mixture of talent, topics, and perspectives.

Check out some of the prior events, if you want a sample of what to expect. I’ll be taking the stage again at Schuba’s on October 25th (not too many more times I think I can say this sentence aloud, so I’m milking it for all it’s worth).

Chicago 20×2: Where Are We?
Chicago 20×2: How Could You?
Chicago 20×2: Who Knew?

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