Plenario: Centralized Hub for Open Datasets

is a really interesting looking platform, setting itself up as a centralized hub that pulls in data sets from a variety of sources, and makes them available within a single map and single timeline.

I’ll be honest – I’ve just started to dig through the site, and there’s a ton (a ton) of data that’s available. Not quite sure what to make of (with?) all this just yet, but it’s really neat to look through.

From the “About” page:

Plenario is designed to take us from “spreadsheets on the web”1 to truly smart open data. This rests on two fundamental breakthroughs:

1) Allow users to assemble and download data from multiple, independent data sources, such as two different municipal data portals, or the federal government and a privately curated dataset.

2) Unite all datasets along a single spatial and temporal index, making it possible to do complex aggregations with one query.

In the past, most of my projects have involved media of some form or another. Social media, to be more exact. I like working with Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Thinking about data that’s not related to media is an interesting notion, especially when we’re talking about civic data. Really curious what could be built with this.

I don’t know that I lean towards civic apps, necessarily. I think I skew more towards the artsy side of things. But still – this is a different type of information than I’m used to working with. Very intriguing.

[via Gapers Block]

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