Driveway Photoshoot

Liz is in full on production mode, as she’s got a ton of stuff she’s working on lately. She’s finishing up a project she’s made for her mom, and she was struggling to find a good place to photograph things inside the house.

Things are, inside our place, in a certain state of… disarray. So she opted to take her dress form outside and take some pictures in our driveway, while there was still light outside.

While she was doing this, I was out watering the front yard. From time to time, I noticed folks walking by and pausing briefly, looking down our driveway at Liz with her photo set up.

I guess from an outside perspective, it does look a little odd. Watching Liz document her project, it made me think about personal/creative projects. And how to the creators, they make perfect sense… but to outside observers, they might come off as really weird.

Single Day Front Yard Transformation: Before and After Photos

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