Late Night, Early Photoshoot

Liz was up super late last night, trying to get her cardigan finished in time for an early photo shoot with Meg and Michelle. How late you might ask? She was working until 4AM, and hadn’t quite yet finished.

On the drive over, she was finishing up the buttons. When we pulled up to our meeting spot, she was still working away in the car.

We had reservations at Heartland Cafe, and decided that instead of trying to do photos before food… we’d all go inside for breakfast first. There may or may not have been a hangry situation developing.

Not a lot of photos to share here at the moment, as the girls haven’t gone and made their respective posts. So I’ll hold off showing anything until theirs are completed.

Fun morning hanging out with Meg, Michelle, and Mike. Check back later in the week for more photos.

Knitted Sweaters Photo Shoot at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, with Liz, Megan, and Michelle
Taking Pictures at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
Cookout at Mike and Michelle’s

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  1. Girls again, eh? Are you sure you’re married to a girl, and not a woman?

    Juliet Reply

    • I’ve always used thought of guys/girls as generic terms, and haven’t really considered them age-specific. Nor do I think I use the term in any disparaging way. Imagining substituting “women” in the sentence (above) also seems overly formal to me.

      Additionally, Liz and I frequently refer to their collective group as “the girls.” If they have a planned sewing evening together after work, she’s going to be sewing “with the girls.”

      avoision Reply

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