JVO + BBQ: Car Con Carne, on Kickstarter

My friend James has a fun, new project called Car Con Carne, which is described as “the world’s only barbecue podcast recorded in a car.” Along with his friend Mike Bratton, the two of them drive to various BBQ restaurants, get takeout, and then proceed to eat (and talk) in the car. They also bring along a guest in the back seat, and sometimes get the restaurant owners to come out for an interview.

With many years of experience in the radio industry between them, these guys are well-equipped to handle recording a podcast in a car. But… well-equipped may not be the best description here. They have some of the things they need, but they’d like to upgrade.

To that end, they’ve started a Kickstarter project – and a very modest one, to be honest. They’re close to reaching their $1,000 goal with just under 48 hours remaining.

James is a great guy to listen to, and his projects are well worth funding. The podcast is in its early phases, and a small sum like this can help the guys go a long way.

To get a sense of James’ style, here’s a talk he gave at an event called “The First Time,” hosted by CHIRP Radio. The format asks each presenter to talk for 5 minutes, focusing on a specific theme and a particular song. Here’s James, on his car:

Recently, they got a nice mention in the Chicago Reader.

You can also check out the Car Con Carne podcast on iTunes, where it’s available for free. If you like what you hear, consider sending a few dollars their way.

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