E.A.T Spot Taking Over Old Newsstands in Chicago

Last week, I happened to walk a slightly different way to work and stumbled across a very new-looking stand at the corner of Randolph and Wabash. As it turned out, this was an old newsstand that had been converted over to a e.a.t. spot – serving up healthy snacks and food.

Though several others have opened up in Chicago, this particular location was having its first day. I was taken by the space, and decided to get some photos (and a quick snack).

It’s a very cool notion, and at the minimum an easy way to get fruit on-the-go. I saw a lot granola bars and baked goods at the counter level, but had a hard time making out what was actually in the display cases (at the time, there was a lot of condensation that prevented me from seeing inside). I mentioned this to the guy working, and he said they were aware of the problem and working on a fix.

If you’re curious as to what else they serve, here’s a menu.

PS: Bonus points to anyone who can tell (without looking at the source code) what WordPress theme the site uses.

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