Kitchen Planning

A few nights ago, Bob came over to help us plan out the kitchen a bit more. There have been previous discussions about what all was going in the kitchen, but this meeting was more about laying things out – figuring exactly where things should go, and how much room they’ll take up.

Liz has been building up a collection of images/printouts and both she and Bob were working out the details. I mostly listened in from the sidelines, as I was busy making dinner for everyone in the meanwhile.

It was great to see Bob working in Autocad, laying out a rough plan for where things should go. With the bulk of our work focused on cleaning and demo, it was exhilarating to think about future stuff – to think on the creating the new, instead of removing the old. I know that Liz in particular was very excited/happy afterwards.

Interesting discovery from the evening: Bob found a date etched into one of the joists, indicating the original date of the house. Need to get some better lighting and try to take a photo. It’s kind of a crazy reminder how old this house is!

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  1. If you figure out where you will be buying your kitchen cabinets from, often they will work with you and create a custom design for free with purchase. We talked to a few places and got initial quotes with high level designs. We picked the designer and plan we liked the best, and then dove in a bit deeper on that design.

    We built our home, and although my wife and I had some pretty strong opinions on the kitchen design, our designer really took it to the next level.

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