Brushing My Teeth Like a Crazy Person

Lately, I’ve been brushing my teeth incessantly. While there’s been a bit of improvement on the pain/discomfort level, I still have this kind of hot/fever sensation due to the infection. Things are much better than Friday, but still not quite back to 100%.

Oddly, I’ve found that brushing my teeth sometimes helps. Perhaps this is due to the act getting the blood circulating more in the affected area. But it seems that once an hour or so, I’m back in the bathroom cleaning my teeth like someone with OCD.

Put in a call with the oral surgeon, and mentioned how things were (slowly) progressing. What’s weird is that my front two teeth were much more sensitive today, than they were on Friday – back when things were at their worst.

At both offices, I was tapping my two front teeth to show that it was the roof of my mouth that was the issue, not my teeth. But as of last night, my front two teeth were quite sensitive – and it was a little painful to use them to eat. This was disconcerting, as I was worried the infection might have spread to the roots of these nearby teeth.

I got prescribed a different (stronger?) kind of antibiotic, and also got some Tylenol 3 to try out. Learned from the pharmacist that the Tylenol 3 I snagged from Liz has a half-life, and it may not be as potent it originally was in 2007.

The old Tylenol 3 didn’t really do much for me, but since the newer prescription only cost $3, I figured what the hey. All the pills.

This morning, I went back to taking 4 Ibuprofen (previous attempts at 2 and 3 seemed to have little impact). For most of the day, it really didn’t do all that much. But around 3PM or so, things seemed to improve. It’s been a very strange kind of slow roller coaster, with certain windows where things are better.

Now that I have newer meds, we’ll see how this goes. There’s been improvement, albeit incremental. I alternate between thinking that I’m a wuss and I just need to be patient, versus worrying that things aren’t healing up fast enough. According to Dr. Powell – if this new round of medication doesn’t do the trick, the only other option left is surgery/removal.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

[CC photo via lane becker]

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